Restoration of Early 911 Cabin Heating Systems


If you have a car that has been imported after extended use in a hot climate, or if it's had race manifolds fitted, chances are you may not have a fully operational warm cabin air heating system. Original diverter 'flapper' valves and heat exchangers corrode with age and neglect, and replacement parts are expensive or hard to find. As an alternative, we can offer a full refurbishment service to bring an old and tired system back to life, and return the cabin to full warmth for comfortable drives during the UK winter.

We can also perform borescope examination of your existing heater tubes. These are the integrated steel pipes that take the warm air from the flapper valves to the cabin, and are positioned inside the side sills of the car. It is important to confirm these are intact before attempting to use them again for warm air transfer.


'Flapper Valves': Before

We can take the existing valve assemblies, strip them down, soda blast  and repaint them to the period correct finish.


'Flapper Valves': After

Repainted and reassembled, seals checked and ready for refit.


Heat Exchangers: Before

Often, the thin outer stainless steel shell can become perforated and/or damaged due to age and it's position under the car, yet the thicker gauge primary pipes carrying the exhaust gas may be perfectly serviceable.


Heat Exchangers: After

We media blast the assemblies to strip them back to bare metal, examine and pressure test the system to check the integrity of the primary pipes and to confirm the cabin air path remains separated from the exhaust gas. If not beyond repair, we can stainless steel weld repair any perforated areas of the outer shell, and then coat the system with a high quality heat resistant finish ready for fitment.

Installation Complete


Heat exchangers and flapper valves fitted, and system plumbed in with correct air feed pipes and heater control cables from the cabin.

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