Restoration of Electrical Systems

In-House Porsche 356 6V Generator Rebuilds


Armature  refurbishment including new windings and new bearings, field coil re-winding and brush replacment

Gauge Restoration and Refurbishment


Coil rewinding, oil temperature calibration, speedo repair

Dashboard Instrumentation and switch repair


Rewiring, switch and relay repair, addition and removal of period instrumentation and switchgear

Restoration of Period Headlights

MCE can restore your donor headlight assemblies or supply period correct units to order

Porsche 911 912 SWB Headlights

Often the buckets from the original assemblies corrode, the chrome trims become dented or damaged or the adjustment mechanisms collapse, lenses need updating or the rubber seals decay. We strip down the entire assemblies, rechroming and repainting where required, and rebuild with new adjustment mechanisms and rubbers. On request we can update the reflector units for alternative bulb configurations (P45t, H1, H4) or convert to LED reflector assemblies for modern-day levels of night illumination, whilst still maintaining the exact period-correct appearance.

Strip and Refurbishing


Corroded trim rings, buckets and adjuster mechanisms restored, and custom reflectors manufactured in-house for discrete LED conversions that optimise beam pattern and provide the correct dipped-beam profile.

Lens Selection

Porsche 911 SWB Bosch Headlight Lens

Bosch Fresnel lenses for LHD and RHD markets, and Hella SB 19 20 21 clear lenses for sealed-beam applications are all available to provide the correct period finish to the assembly.

SWB Rear Light and Sidelight Restoration and Conversion

Lenses damaged or need converting from US to Euro Spec?


If you have tired, aged, damaged or the wrong specification lenses in your SWB front or rear side and indicator light assemblies, there is no need to replace the entire light box with expensive replacements or poor quality reproductions. With care, it is possible to replace the existing lens, bringing a fresh new look to the assembly and retain the original light boxes. The above photo shows a recently refurbished set of US assemblies, converted to Euro spec with new lenses and bulb holders.

Refurbishing the assembly


Often the bulb holders and boxes can be corroded. Stripping the assembly gives an opportunity to examine, restore or replace where necessary.

Matched pair, ready for fitment


If the original lenses are not too far gone, they can normally be removed from the box without damage, giving the option to reverse the assemblies back to their original specification in the future if required.

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