Fuchs Wheel Restoration


We can take your damaged or aged original Fuchs rims and restore them to either 'original' or 'mint' condition. We make a distinction between the two as the early rims came from the factory in a relavely rough condition by modern standards. Forging and machine marks were often still present at the sides of the petals and the post-anodised surface still showed polishing marks. Many of these wheels get over-restored in their life and these marks are lost by restorers believing they are doing the right thing by making the wheel look as flawless as possible. 


At MCE we offer customers the option to have the wheel restored to a level that preserves their unique manufacturing marks in-period, or restored to a mint condition standard. Using original, reference wheels held on-site at MCE, we first fully strip and then polish to the standard required.


Wheels at clear anodising stage


Polish detail


Anodising bath


Example of a completed wheelset


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