Mike Champion: A Brief History


Mike Champion: Director, Engineer, Mechanic, Fabricator and Painter at MCE Porsche

With a history as a qualified Automotive Engineer spanning over 30 years, Mike has worked on the design, development and production of many of the world’s most prestigious vehicles and engine derivatives. From an initial apprenticeship as a vehicle mechanic, fabricator and paint technician, Mike progressed through the ranks to a post-graduate career in road car and F1 engineering, developing powertrain and chassis installations for Tom Walkinshaw Racing and Jaguar Land Rover. Then followed several years in engine design for Cosworth and Aston Martin, developing their V12 and twin turbo engines. More recently, Mike has continued to consult within the industry, on tasks ranging from engine and chassis design, through to vehicle development and whole vehicle testing.

Throughout this time, Porsches have always been part of day-to-day life, as an owner, restorer, driver and maintainer of early air-cooled and modern water-cooled models. Now with full workshop facilities established, and the addition of dedicated tools and application of specialist knowledge of the marque, Mike has been able to offer these services to other Porsche customers and enthusiasts around the world.

As an engineer, the ownership experience with these early cars would inevitably include rebuilding and restoration activity, giving frequent opportunities to explore the inner workings and assembly techniques of the original build and how they differed from those being developed today. Air-cooled models have always been the personal favourites, with the pre-1973 and early short-wheelbase 911’s having a special attraction for their purity of design and no-nonsense approach. In the modern world, with modern technological, economic, environmental and consumer pressures, cars are just not made like this anymore, and Mike has always believed in the need to preserve these vehicles as reminders of the technology of the era, and the raw, connected driving experience that they offer. With attention to detail and the passion for engineering excellence that the marque has always demanded, these project cars have provided frequent references for authenticity and the understanding of Porsche hand-built production methods.

The early apprenticeships in bodyshops, fabrication and machine shops progressed to a First-class Honours degree in Automotive Engineering which, when coupled with extensive professional experience in the industry, has provided a firm foundation to enable Mike to specialise in all the key areas that benefit from expertise on a classic Porsche. When a car comes in to MCE, it’s Mike that deals with it, no-one else, so you can be assured that you’re being offered skills, experience and direct communication with the engineer doing the work.

Porsche Celette Body Restoration

The same pair of hands. From bare metal strip and repair......

1973 Porsche Carrera 2.7RS Chartreause Green Paint

......to finishing paint and rebuild.

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