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Porsche Engine Rebuilds, Inspections and Diagnostics

At MCE we take a systematic approach to diagnosing engine issues prior to rebuild, and draw on our 30 years experience designing, building and testing road and race car engines. We also utilise a full suite of diagnostic tools including combustion chamber borescoping, compression testing, leak-down testing and oil spectrometric analysis to accurately identify issues in a current installation, relying on material facts and engineering data to assess an engine's condition. We are familiar with rebuilding all the Porsche 911 engine variants from the early 2L aluminium case assemblies through to the later generation 996/997 M96/M97 water-cooled installations, and we can build-up to standard specification or undertake custom builds and modifications to suit specialist customer preferences for reliablity and performance. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Full engine strip, inspection and rebuild facility with capability for all Porsche sports-car engine configurations


Rebores, displacement increases, performance updates


1973 911S 2.4L MFI engine rebuild


M96 and M97 intermediate shaft bearing (IMS) and rear main seal (RMS) inspection and replacement


Full suite of specialist tools for all engines from early 2.0L aircooled units through to 996 and 997 generation water-cooled installations

Porsche 997 997 borescoring

Resolution of borescoring on 996 and 997 M96/M97 engines


M96 engine borescope inspection at MCE, revealing piston crown and bore in good condition


Same engine showing signs of significant borescoring in an alternate cylinder


IMS bearing failure on a 2005 997 engine (late M96 type). We caught this one following diagnosis of a running, yes running, engine, and were able to initiate a more efficient rebuild before complete collapse caused further internal damage.


The photo above shows the earlier original single-row sealed Porsche IMS bearing on the LHS, prone to premature failure. On the RHS is an updated higher-capacity internally lubricated roller-bearing design: a recommended upgrade in all M96/M97 installations.


We also perform liner insertions in ductile iron, Alusil or Nikasil depending on customer preference and engine type.


All engines can be stripped down to full crankcase separation and rebuilt in-house, for close cooperation with customer on rebuild specification and modifications for reliability and performance.


Rectification of engine liner fatigue on 996 and 997 models (the infamous 'D-chunking' of the cylinder wall)


Cylinder head inspection, machining and rebuild


Transmission rebuilds


Early 901, 915 and G50 manual gearboxes


Tiptronic transmissions

Porsche 911 G50 gearbox clutch replacement

Clutch replacements


G50 clutch guide tube and release fork bearing updates

Ancilliaries, Tuning and Adjustment


Carburettor strip and rebuild


Early Porsche 911, 912 and 356 valve clearance adjustment


Carburettor tuning and ignition timing

996/997 Exhaust Manifold Bolt Removal Service


On the M96 and M97 engine, the exhaust manifold bolts are notoriously difficult to remove without damage. The original black steel bolts tend to corrode around the thread to flange interface. This build up of corrosion can cause the bolts to seize, making them almost impossible to turn without shearing, leaving the broken M8 stud in the cylinder head.


It is possible to remove these studs without damaging the delicate aluminium head threads, but care and patience is required. We use the Stomski Racing jig and precision drilling and tapping bits to accurately drill out the centres of the studs and reclaim the threads.


Here is the jig in action on an M97 3.8 Carrera S engine, during removal of the original manifolds in preparation for fitment of a Eurocup GT race system.


Once drilled and re-tapped, the original threads are good and ready to take a new manifold assembly.


We use stainless bolts as replacements, for more long-term corrosion protection, or if budget allows, titanium studs and motorsport K-nuts.


Full Eurocup GT Exhaust System installed. Looks and sounds great from any angle.

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