Interior Restoration and Trimming

Porsche Interior Restoration, Sound Proofing, Felting and Lining


From complete interior restorations to partial refits and interior trimming

Custom Trimming in Period-Correct Materials




Dashboard Retrimming


Lower dash, Upper dash, facia panel retrimming and fitting

Gauge refurbishment


Mechanical and cosmetic restoration of all period gauges and switchgear

Targa roof


Retrimming and refitting

Seat trimming


Rebuilding, repadding and recovering, using period-correct grain and pattern vinyls and leather to original colour palletes

Leather and vinyl re-dying, wear and stain removal


Restoration of original vinyls and leather and local repairs in-situ

Seatbelt restoration


Refurbishment of original buckles, replacement of webbing, correct emblems and labels to concours level

Restoration of rare Trim Panels

Existing interior panels worn, torn, or had holes cut for speakers?

As well as full interior restorations, we can bring old vinyl back to life and restore panels to original condition if damaged. For example, this 1968 door card is a one-year only design with patterned inlays heat-seamed in place at the factory. Often there are holes cut through the vinyl for speakers, tears from use or vinyl embrittlement, or moisture damage to the card. For some, this may be considered almost irreplaceable, and a reproduction part may have been the only replacement option.

Restoring door card panels


The tooling that forms the heat seam cannot be reproduced without significant investment, and the basketweave pattern for example is no longer available in some of the original vinyl colour schemes. In most cases, we can save the original material, or rebuild a new panel from donor material, preserving the authentic, original look.

Interior Trim Colour Matching


For those hard-to-find colours, we can bond and colour-match to any shade of plain and patterned vinyls. Note, this is not a paint treatment, but a true dye that penetrates into the vinyl itself to provide a permanent colour change.

Panel Rebuild


Above is an example of a finished door card, constructed from donor material and rebuilt to preserve the heat-seamed inlays and the original 1968 door pocket features.

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