Welcome to MCE Porsche, an independent specialist dedicated to the maintenance, preservation and restoration of Porsche rear-engine sports cars. Based near Banbury in Oxfordshire, we are ideally located to provide specialist skills, facilities and services for all classic, rare and special variants from 356 through to 911 and the 997 Mezger-engined GT, RS and turbo models.

MCE is owned by Mike Champion, a time-served and degree qualified automotive engineer with 30 years experience in road and race car development, an eye for period correct detail, a life-long passion for Porsches, and an enthusiasm for the driving experience that they provide. Mike's engineering expertise has been gathered from practical experience with some of the world's finest sports cars, so please feel free to browse the website or get in touch for further information.

Porsche 911 997 GT3RS


  • Fully-equipped 6-bay workshop with vehicle lifts for servicing, inspection and maintenance work
  • 4-wheel laser alignment rig for road & track geometry set-up
  • Celette body alignment bench and rotisserie, with jigs and fixtures for all variants
  • Low bake oven spray booth facility with capability for single-stage 2K or two-stage base-plus-clearcoat paint finishes, to the original manufacturer's specification
  • Media blasting - individual components to complete body shells
  • Fabrication workshop
  • Engine borescoping, compression and leakdown tests, oil analysis
  • Engine build facility
  • Full suite of latest Porsche systems diagnostic tools for DME (ECU), Airbag, ABS, Tiptronic, Alarm, Seats and A/C control

Porsche Service Inspection Celette Body Restoration


  • Regular interim and full servicing to Porsche service schedules at competitive prices 
  • Chassis and suspension rebuilds, updates and re-bushing
  • Restoration: Complete body shell rebuilds, panel work, rust repairs, welding and fabricating, preparation and paint, colour-matching and detailing
  • Engine strip, inspection and rebuilds
  • M96 and M97 engine exhaust manifold bolt removal service
  • Interior trimming: headlining refits, vinyl, leather and carpet trimming, dyeing and re-colouring, door card and panel rebuilds, body and glass seals
  • Electrical work, lighting system rebuilds, rewiring
  • Diagnostic error code reading, fault-finding and de-bugging.
  • Pre-purchase inspections and engineer’s reports.

Facilities and Services

Porsche GT3RS service and inspection

Fully Equiped Dedicated Porsche Workshop

Competitive pricing for regular servicing of classic and modern, from 356 Pre-A to 997 GT3RS. Vehicle lifts for inspection and maintenance. Comprehensive range of dedicated Porsche tooling. Pre-purchase inspections and Engineer's reports. Full suite of modern Porsche electronics diagnostic tools.

Porsche 911 engine build

Engine and Transmission Builds

Compression testing, leak-down testing and borescoping. Full engine rebuilds, top-end rebuilds, cam chain tensioner upgrades. Oil sampling and spectrometric analysis.

Porsche diagnostics over-rev report

Porsche Inspections and Diagnostics

Pre-purchase inspection service for all Porsche sports car models covering mechanical, structural, electrical and cosmetic, including detailed engineering assessment. Full diagnostics capability for modern Porsche: Detailed engine history data including over-rev instances, fault code checking, module coding for PASM, airbags, TPMS, key and alarm personalisation, seats and lighting, and real-time ECU and sensor values for tuning and performance development.

Porsche 2.0L engine

Engine Tuning

For the older cars that don't have anywhere to plug the laptop into, and have never heard of electronic ignition or MFI.........Weber, Solex and Zenith, twin and triple-choke carburettor servicing, tuning and rebuilds.

Porsche alignment

Chassis, Steering and Suspension

Rebuilds of chassis, steering and suspension systems. Updates and re-bushing, steering rack reconditioning, full 4-wheel geometry, laser alignment and corner-weighting.

Porsche 356 restoration

Electrical Work

Lighting system rebuilds and refurbishment, rewiring, period LED Headlight conversions. 6V generator rebuilds. Electrical system fault-finding and debugging. Restoration of gauges and instruments.

Porsche Service Inspection Restoration Oxfordshire Northamptonshire Warwickshire

Celette Body Jigs

For accurate body alignment and maintaining precise geometry whilst restoring heavily corroded or damaged body shells, there is no substitute for a calibrated Celette jig. With fixtures available for all models, we wouldn't consider trying to restore a body without one.

Porsche media blasting

Rotisserie Restoration

We use 360 degree rotisseries for fully stripping and inspecting a bodyshell, and gaining unrestricted access to the underside for media blasting and paint. 

Porsche bare metal repaint

Bodywork and Paint

Fully equipped spray booth for single-stage 2K or base-plus-clearcoat paint systems, to the original manufacturer's specification. Preparation, colour matching and detailing. Media blasting, chemical stripping and anodising, including Fuchs wheel restoration.

Porsche interior trimming

Interior Trimming

Vinyl, leather and carpet trimming, dyeing and colour matching. Fitting headlining, sound insulation, door card and panel rebuilds, body and glass seals, restoration of period seatbelts.


Fuchs Wheel Restoration

Complete stripping, anodising and repainting service to concours, original condition.


Now Available: Nationwide Enclosed Trailer Collection and Delivery Service

Available to support all service and maintenance bookings, or for recovery of non-running vehicles or return of vehicles in pristine condition following works.

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